Monday, November 1, 2010

Role Reversal

Way back when Brett and I got engaged, I remember some of the older people in my life telling me that the longer they stayed married, the more they became like their spouse. Frankly, I thought they all were crazy given the fact that Brett was a very serious, calculated, not very clean, frugal (and I MEAN frugal!) accountant and I was, of course, very fun loving, tidy, easy going and FAR from frugal.

Over the years, we have certainly both adjusted our lifestyles to make our family the best it can be. Brett has come leaps and bounds in the cleaning department and actually beats me to the laundry punch every now and then. And I have, let's say, majorly adjusted my spending habits. We have learned to compromise in all aspects of our lives in order to make our relationship as argument free as possible.

All the while, however, we still have certain issues that always bring up an argument. Most notable, of course is the money issue. If it were up to Brett, I'm pretty sure every dime beyond that spent on groceries, mortgage and bills would go directly to savings. I, on the other hand am very 'instantly gratified' and I enjoy shopping, spending money and going out to dinner. I tend to have the mentality that everything will work itself out no matter what we have in the bank. We are both opposite ends of the spectrum which, apparently, is why we work.

Lately, however, I have been very anxious about putting money away. We have so many things we want to do, and I am trying to focus more long-term than short-term these days. One would think Brett would revel in my newfound love of saving, but shockingly, I think I have trained him 'too well' to start spending a little more.

This weekend, my computer seemed to have crashed beyond repair. While I was okay with going a few months without a computer, Brett immediately jumped on his laptop and started researching which computer we'd purchase-- this week!! What?? He was ready to drop over $1000 right away, and actually expressed that he was a bit disappointed when I called him to tell him I had fixed the issue this morning. At first I thought to myself, "what is wrong with him?" only to quickly shift my thinking to "what is wrong with me?" The pre-marriage Shannon would have tried to break my computer so that I would be granted permission to buy the latest and greatest. Hmmm. Strange how those friends of my mom's were right. I guess you do become more like your spouse after a while. I guess that's good news for Brett (and the bank account!)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

B's 'First' Words

Perhaps more for my memory than for anything else, I thought on the day following Braden turning 15 months, I'd list off all of the words my fantastically smart little guy says these days:

-Any variation of Mom: Mama, Mom, Mommy
-'Pampa' (Meaning 'Grandpa' and he even adds 'Jim-Jim' on the end appropriately)
-Uh-Huh(as in 'yes')
-Uncle Kevin
-Animal Sounds (dog, cow, sheep, lion, monkey and elephant)
-Woo-Woo (as in a train sound)

It truly is amazing how quickly they learn so many things. I swear he learns something new and cuter everyday. Today, he wanted to watch Elmo, and since 'Melmo' and 'Mama' sound quite similar, I asked him if he wanted 'Mama', he simply responded with a frustrated and emphatic "MELMO!" Geez, sorry kid! I can't even imagine the frustration you'd have with your Dad if I wasn't around to tell him what you are saying all the time!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


This weekend Kelly, Brett and I headed off for the NVHS Class of 2000 reunion celebration. We had an awesome time catching up with everyone (and explaining how Brett and I 'happened' to many) and in some ways, it truly felt like high school was yesterday. While I was two years younger, I knew many of the older and of course, "cooler" 2000 grads from swimming, student council, choir, etc. and I have met many more since Brett and I got together. So, last night I thankfully didn't feel like the odd man out.

As I drove everyone home, I got to thinking about the difference 10 years makes. 10 years has given all of us a lot of things, but most mentionable: hair straighteners (thank god!), tact, fashion sense, our own money, no curfews, life experiences, jobs, kids and above all, perspective. What ten years has not given us: maturity (as evidenced by my car full of screaming 28 year olds with incessant demands to stop at Taco Bell-haha!), a better physique (at least for Brett and I), a better rebound time (as evidenced by my severely dragging household this evening). In many ways, I still feel like Kelly's naive, dorky kid sister, and then I look in the mirror and realize I'm someone's mother. Crazy how life happens without us even knowing it. Wow. We're old!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


As I sit here finally getting a much needed five minutes to myself while B and B grab dinner, I am almost doubled over with the pain most women dread every 30 days. Normally, this would not warrant a blog posting (and sorry to anyone who feels I'm crossing the line here), but this month I was 95% convinced I was pregnant again, and I am happy to say now that I am very glad that I am officially NOT pregnant. Not that another child would have been a problem- we certainly love B more than anything and would have gladly welcomed a sibling for him- but the timing would have been less than convenient.

I am pretty sure the world was trying to play a cruel joke on me this month. Granted, my life has had a ton of change lately: working to not working, not working out to working out daily, etc; but for someone that has been more than a day or two late no more than twice in my life (once when I was prego with B) to be eight, yes EIGHT days late was quite the 'fluke'. I took three pregnancy tests-all negative- and couldn't help but stress out non stop about each result.

I got to thinking about how I am ever going to be ready to be the mother of more than one. I have said to people that I feel like you become a real parent once you have two kids. With one, we haven't had many adjustments to our pre-kid lifestyle. Pretty much anywhere we go, B can come along, and if not, there are many volunteers willing to watch one child. I can't imagine two is as easy to pawn off on a friend or family member. I give so much credit to those that do more than one under two. I can't imagine it. I guess its more of a selfish thing. I'm not yet ready to give up my free time or sleep again.

I'm sure there will come a time when I will be ready- and don't get me wrong, there was a small part of me that was really excited about thinking I was pregnant, but as cute as babies are, they are a LOT of work that I can't say I'm ready for just yet. No worries (siblings!), we WILL have another one day, just not anytime soon!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Go, Go, Cardio!

This week is officially Day 2 of week 3 on my daily (or at least week-daily) workout track. I feel awesome and am already seeing a huge difference in my endurance. It has been a while since I've be able to be consistent in the gym, and with B enjoying himself in the Kids Klub (FINALLY!) I'm able to really hunker down and focus on my goals.

I never before have thought of the gym as something I enjoy doing. Its always been more of another required task on my laundry list of things to do, that I may or may not get done. Luckily, being a stay-at-home mom has really changed that outlook. I now plan my days around working out, not vice-versa. I know that I need to make it to the gym to allow myself to be healthier and a better mom, and I get a bonus by having a free 2 hours to myself each day.

I have noticed that my clothes are already starting to fit better, and I am starting to drop the poundage- 4 to be exact. I'd like to lose about 15 more pounds by Jan 1. I figure that at a rate of 1-2 lbs per week, I can easily achieve this goal. Granted, being at home makes snacking and eating junk much more tempting, but luckily between chasing around Mr. B, cleaning up toys, meals, etc and keeping up with the laundry and other house work, its tough to let snacking get the best of me. Believe it or not, I think I am busier now than I was while I was (gasp!) employed!

I am making it a goal to keep my working out up over those dreaded winter months when everything is dead, and leaving the house seems like the worst idea in the world. After all, I have a wedding to be in, in June and I refuse to be the 'fat bridesmaid.' Last year, I most certainly was (even though I was 8.5 mo pregnant), and I will not do it again!

Monday, September 27, 2010

We got "punked"

Braden and I just returned from the doctors office. After several nights of restlessness and general irritability, I decided it was time for a dreaded ear check. My child has followed in my footsteps and has had no less than 7 ear infections since he was just a few weeks old. So, when we went to see Dr. Nelson this morning, I suspected nothing less than another prescription for augmentin and a "take it easy" recommendation. So the result? "Perfect" and I quote, "perfect ears!" Yes, that's right, my 14 month old has been "punking" Brett and I for the past 3 nights. He has discovered that crying out in the middle of the night gets mom and dad to come and spend time with him at 2:30 in the morning, and fighting naps allows for more time spent with mom. Rookie mistake. I should have known, but something about suspecting an ear infection made it way too difficult to just let him cry. But now that I know, crying will become B's new favorite pasttime until he decides to return to his wonderful, sleep loving self. Until then, we will battle. And trust me, I will win!

....on another note, I was at my parent's house today, and found an old picture. Think someone looks a little like his momma?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Apple Picking

Yesterday we went apple picking with our next door neighbors and Braden's good friend, Audrie. He had a ton of fun picking and more importantly, eating every pint-sized apple he could get his hands on! His day concluded with a delicious apple donut and sippy cup full of apple cider. Yum!